Velvet Fine Art Print “And all of a sudden there it was

Velvet Fine Art Print “And all of a sudden there it was"

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Velvet Fine Art Print is a 100% cotton paper. It has a patterned texture with a similar look and feel to watercolor paper. Photo Print is a semi gloss photo quality print.

"And all of a sudden there it was, the beauty she thought she had lost was there in front of her in the dark. The shadows created by the light illuminating life. How could she be so blind. The wisdom of the night, the trees, the moon and the leaves. The truth being told by the ancestors. It is here now and it will be here 1000 lifetimes from now. The truth... who I am, who we are. Pure beauty in all our skins, wrapped up, intertwined and turned inside out. Pure love inside and out. The seen and unseen."

Velvet has a delicate surface that is less resistant to scratches and scuffs than other fine art surfaces. Loose or mounted, these prints must be handled with extra care.